Multi ethnic relief teams graduate Burma 2010

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your love and support. In the midst of new attacks and displacement that we and others are responding to, we wanted to pass on some good news too. We are relaying this out from our training camp in Burma where we have just graduated 17 Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Lahu, Mon, Naga, and Pa-Oh relief teams. Ten of these teams successfully completed Basic Leadership and Relief Team Training. Seven old teams (from our 53 multi-ethnic relief teams) also completed the Advanced Leadership and Relief Team Training. This involved more in depth study in each team member’s chosen area-camera/video, security, Good Life Club counseling, communications, and medicine, as well as leadership. They are now on their way to relief missions to help people displaced by the attacks of the Burma Army.

River crossing and rappelling with Naga, Mon, Pa O, Karenni, Karen, Lahu, Kachin teams
Life saving training for relief teams

It is a privilege to train with such dedicated young men and women who are striving to serve their people regardless of the risk, and who seek to improve themselves and work in love and unity together.

In FBR you do not need to be Superman, you just have to never give up. One new student said, “I am weaker and not as clever as others, but I am giving my all to help my people be free. As for those of my friends who are stronger and better than me, they are not here. Thanks so much that you let me join, I will get stronger and not give up “.

We are grateful to all of you who pray and help as well as to our friends here who made this training possible and to Partners for all their help, especially with the Good Life Club program. I want to finish by sharing with you what we tell all the Rangers;

1.      Help the People, get the news out.
2.      Do not be led by comfort or fear.
3.      When you are afraid, ask for love, and go in the power of that love.
4.      Lead by example, lead from the front.  People depend on you.
5.      Always be prepared.
6.      Pray, think, act.
7.      Do the best thing even when it is hard.
8.      Be humble.  Ask and give forgiveness.
9.      Tell the truth at all costs.
10.     When people are in danger, stay with them.
11.     Pray for your enemies.
12.     Never Give Up.

May God bless you all,

A relief Team leader

Free Burma Rangers

Karen State, Burma

Medical training with Karen, Pa O, Mon, Naga, Karenni, Lahu medics 2010
Physical training with Karen, Pa O, Mon, Naga, Karenni, Lahu medics 2010
Horse and Mule packing training
The Free Burma Ranger’s (FBR) mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Using a network of indigenous field teams, FBR reports on human rights abuses, casualties and the humanitarian needs of people who are under the oppression of the Burma Army. FBR provides medical, spiritual and educational resources for IDP communities as they struggle to survive Burmese military attacks.