Libyan rebels recapture key town

Libyan rebels gather on a destroyed tank in Ajdabiya on 26 March 2011

Libyan rebels backed by allied air raids have recaptured the strategic oil town of Ajdabiya from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (23 March 2011)Sea radioactive near Japan plant

Levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the Fukushima nuclear plant are 1,250 times higher than the safety limit, Japanese officials say.

Yemen leader ‘negotiating exit’ New

Agreement is close on transferring power from Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh after weeks of protests, a government minister says.

Earthquake Death Toll Rising to 150

With relief workers still sifting through collapsed buildings in eastern Shan State, the death toll from Thursdays’ earthquake is expected to be more than 150.

Quake Victims Fill Tachilek Hospital

Overwhelmed by hundreds of patients injured in Thursday’s earthquake, the hospital in Tachilek has been forced to leave many out in the open.

Burmese Regime Urged to Respect Laws of War

Human Rights Watch calls on Burma’s military leaders to end abuses against civilians and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

UWSA Calls for Dialogue with Junta

The United Wa State Army, Burma’s largest armed cease-fire group, issues a statement calling for dialogue with the country’s military regime to avert renewed conflict.

Over 3,700 Burmese Fishermen Still Missing, Presumed Dead

Of the 7,000 fishermen that were swept into the Andaman Sea during a tropical storm on March 14-16, a total of 3,374 have now been rescued.

Freedom of Association Law a Litmus Test for ‘New’ Burma
The International Labor Organization sees signs that the environment for organizing legitimate trade unions in Burma may be changing, but hurdles to doing so remain within the new parliamentary system.

Mae Sai, Tachilek Residents Still Shaky After Quake
People living on the Thai-Burmese border are still feeling anxious following the magnitude 6.8 earthquake that struck the area on Thursday evening.

Death Toll Rising from Earthquake in Shan State
Burma’s state media reports that the magnitude 6.8 earthquake that struck Burma on Thursday killed 74 people and injured 111 while destroying 300 buildings in eastern Shan State.

Parliamentary questions and motions leaked to media are rejectedparliament-building-sThe Upper House speaker of the Burmese Parliament is rejecting all questions and motions submitted by …

Scud missiles, not nuclear weapons, are threat from Burma, expert says

Burma’s reported program to manufacture Scud-type ballistic missiles could tilt the balance of power in Southeast …

Up to 4,000 fishermen from Pyapon missing in stormsadrift-at-sea1s1sAround 4,000 fishermen from the Pyapon area may have lost their life in vicious storms that struck …


Burma Quake Update: 74 dead, 111 injured in Shan StateBURMA-EARTHQUAKE-MAP-1sThe earthquake in northeastern Burma on Thursday killed at least 74 people and injured 111 with the toll …

Relief efforts underway for Shan quake victimsrelife-earthquake-sLocal and international relief efforts are underway to help the victims of the earthquake that struck …

Earthquake residents say death toll now 104burma-earthquake-tachilek3ssThe unofficial earthquake death toll count has reached 104, according to information compiled on Friday …

Swiss government to probe FIFA’s Burma spendingfifa-goal-project-sIn the wake of FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s visit to Burma, the president of the world body that oversees …

Website of meteorologist Tun Lwin hackedtun-lwin-sA Burmese hacker group that targets popular Burmese websites broke into the Myanmar Climate Change …

Quake toll hits 75; images emerge thumbnail

Quake toll hits 75; images emerge

Pictures from Tarlay in Shan state show 2ft wide cracks in roads and streets of crumbled houses as toll from earthquake reaches 75


Irrawaddy fishermen head for land thumbnail

Irrawaddy fishermen head for land

Warning to goes out to fishermen off Burma’s southern coast as heavy winds threaten to worsen an already fragile situation British activist deported from Burma thumbnail

British activist deported from Burma

Campaigner and journalist Benedict Rogers had been in Burma for a week before intelligence officials tracked him to his Rangoon hotel